Could North Carolina’s teachers be next to strike? Here’s the mess they’re in.

Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

Teachers in states including West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and now Arizona have recently or are now striking for better pay and more education funding. This post is about why North Carolina teachers may be next. …

Justin Parmenter explains what teachers in that state have been dealing with for years and why many are carefully watching colleagues who have gone on strike in other states.

Parmenter teaches seventh-grade language arts at Waddell Language Academy in Charlotte. An educator for more than 20 years, he started his teaching career “believing that I was going to transform every child,” just as many first-year teachers do when they are placed in schools with high-needs populations. He says he quickly learned how complex teaching actually is. Parmenter has written a number of posts for this blog about teaching and the effects that data-driven school reform have had on his profession and on students.

Parmenter is a fellow with Hope Street Group’s North Carolina Teacher Voice Network. He started his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania and taught in Istanbul. He was a finalist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Teacher of the Year in 2016.

Read Justin’s post here.

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