Next Stop for Widespread Teacher Activism? North Carolina.

Madeline Will, Education Week

Teachers across the state of North Carolina are planning to take leave on May 16 for a protest in the state capital, leaving many school districts considering shuttering their doors.

North Carolina would be the sixth state to experience mass teacher activism this spring—a phenomenon experts say is unprecedented. Arizona teachers just concluded a weeklong strike, following in the footsteps of Oklahoma and West Virginia teachers who walked out of their classrooms. Colorado and Kentucky teachers have also forced schools to close because of large-scale protests at the state capitols. Higher pay and more money for public schools are the common demands in most of these states.

In North Carolina, May 16 is the start of the 2018 legislative session. Teachers will march downtown to the state capitol and then try to meet with legislators to advocate for higher pay and more education funding. The day will conclude with a rally outside the capitol.

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