Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Five

That’s how many educators have already put in for personal leave on May 16th to come to Raleigh to fight for public education. More than 40 school districts are represented among that 7,895, with more folks added every day. Three school districts have announced they will be closing completely on May 16th — with an unknown number waiting in the wings.

On May 16, North Carolina educators will be in Raleigh, flexing our power, showing up in force and standing together in unity. May 16th can be the birth of a movement to save public education in our state. Indeed, we’re building it together. And we need you there with us.

If you are a North Carolina public school educator, please put in your personal day request today and make plans to join us in Raleigh

If you are a supporter of public education in North Carolina, please make plans today to join us in Raleigh.

What do you you need to know about May 16th? Read on . . .

So, what’s going on?

Here’s a Frequently Asked Questions to check out. And here’s the schedule for May 16th itself in Raleigh, courtesy of NCAE.

Looking to get to Raleigh? Check out bus sign-ups for Charlotte, Durham and New Hanover.

What should I be doing right now?

First thing you should do is sign yourself up for May 16th, using the NCAE form here. This is how NCAE can communicate important details with you in the days leading up to May 16th. (Everyone should sign-up here, whether you are an NCAE member, a non-NCAE member or a community supporter.)

Once you’ve done that, report the total estimated numbers for your school or school district here. This helps us track total number of folks coming and can help connect you with other folks locally.

Okay, sounds good. What’s next?

It’s time to dig in and get organized. There’s an important organizing call on Monday night (May 7th at 7pm) for folks who want to learn more and want to support other folks across the state.

Looking to connect further? There’s lots of good community on the FB pages for North Carolina Teachers United and Organize 2020. There is a CCAE organizing meeting in Fayetteville on Tuesday, May 8th. And there’s a bunch of resources to check out in this shared Google Folder.

So, what do we want? And when do we want it?

As educators, we know that the list of things that our students, schools and communities need feels almost endless. What will be demanded of the NC legislature in 2018 is still a work in progress and we need your input. Click here to complete an online survey to help inform demands and strategy.

That said, a lot of folks are talking about similar things. For some examples, check out the NCAE page (scroll down to ‘Goals’) and then also look at the FAQ on

Anything else?

Yeah, make sure you are up on the latest news. For example, Durham, Charlotte and Chapel Hill-Carrboro have already closed schools on May 16th. There’s also a news section of the website that is regularly updated.

See you in Raleigh on the 16th!

– May 16 Coalition

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