It’s time to get ready.

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The response to come to Raleigh on May 16th has been tremendous.

More than 14,000 personal days confirmed. More than 68 school districts represented — close to two-thirds of all the districts in the state. 26 school districts closing their doors on May 16th, overwhelmed by the thousands of educators stepping up for their students and their schools.

And there’s still five days to go.

It’s time to get ready. Be sure you’ve registered with NCAE (whether you are a current member or not) and that someone has reported the numbers of folks coming from your school. Reach out for help organizing your folks if you need it. Apply for a small grant to help cover costs. Check out the day-of schedule, re-read the FAQ and start making a plan for May 16th. Sign up to be a point person for your school district in talking to legislators. Attend one of the planning meetings in Guilford or Wake this coming weekend. Jump on the Monday night planning call with information on how to connect on May 16. Dig into the numbers.

And then take a moment.

Take a moment to think about our task ahead — to demand that our legislators take a side: the futures of our young people or tax breaks for the wealthy and powerful?

Take a moment to think about our collective strength as educators. It’s our numbers that make us powerful in our schools, in our communities and at the ballot box.

Take a moment to think about our future together — what it will mean to build your team for the 16th and beyond, to get connected and energized in Raleigh next Wednesday, and then to return home ready to do the work of winning the schools that our students deserve.

See you on the 16th!

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