Dear Legislators: Your Educators Would Like To Speak With You

We are two days away from the largest gathering of educators in North Carolina history. Almost 15,000 educators have taken personal days, representing more than two-thirds of our state’s school districts. And more than 30 school districts will be closed on May 16th as educators flood Raleigh from every direction.

Some immediate updates:

  • Starting just before 11AM, educators will fill the legislative building to it’s 3,000 person capacity, in time for the 12 Noon opening session.
  • Between 1pm and 2pm, the NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus is calling for educators to assemble by county on the perimeter of the Halifax Mall, on the north side of the legislative building. This will be an opportunity to caucus with others from your county. During this period, educators may also seek out their elected officials inside the legislative building.
  • At 3pm, educators and public education supporters will begin to move towards Bicentennial Mall on the other side of the legislative building. The rally begins at 3:30pm.

What else?

See you in Raleigh!
– May 16 Coalition

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