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3 Steps to Put Your Legislators on Notice – We Want to See them at 2pm!

May 16 is their first day back to school legislative session, and we are demanding that legislators tell us at 2pm on #May16 how they plan to meet our demands.

1. “Like” Your House or Senate Members on Facebook or Twitter

You can find reps for your county in the NC House or NC Senate, and then Google them with the word “Facebook” or “Twitter” to find out if they have a public page. “Like” their page – then you’ll be able to tag them in your post.

Here are House & Senate leaders’ Facebook pages you can also “Like” & tag:
Sen. Phil Berger
Rep. Tim Moore
Sen. Louis Pate
Rep. Jon Hardister
Sen. Harry Brown
Rep. Darren Jackson
Sen. Dan Blue

2. Click to Download This Graphic

3. Tag Legislators in a Post

Use the hashtags #May16 & #Red4Ed to let your legislators know we expect them to see them at 2pm. Here’s an example:

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